How do I use WeChat for Windows?

I. Download and Install
Download the latest version of WeChat for Windows at Web WeChat , and install it using the following instructions.

II. Login
1. Log in to WeChat for Windows on PC and confirm your login on mobile

2. You need to scan QR Code on mobile with the following steps: 
After opening WeChat for Windows on PC, you can scan the Windows QR Code by opening WeChat on your mobile, selecting 「Discover」->「Scan QR Code」 and confirming your login.

Note: At the current time it's not possible to be logged in to Web WeChat and WeChat for Windows with the same account at the same time.

III. Switching Accounts
Select 「Switch Account」 on the login page and change to another account. Select 「Discover」->「Scan QR Code」 to log in to WeChat.
IV. Group Chat

1. After logging in to WeChat, tap the 「+」 icon on the top left of the screen to create a group chat.

2. You can also select a friend to open a chat session and then click his/her alias on the top to add additional friends.

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